Prairie Road Reconstruction

Project Summary: 
• Reconstruction of Prairie Road. This includes a new asphalt surface, sidewalk, and storm sewer for improved drainage. This will be the first of two phases. Phase I will extend from Pride Court to Swallow Drive.

• Storm sewer installation is completed north of Quinton Lane. The removed asphalt will be replaced with paving of phase 1.
• Curbing is installed from Swallow Drive to a few yards passed Falcon Drive.
• Forms are set for curbing installation to the end of the project.

Schedule for next week:
• Curb and gutter will continue to be installed.
• Backfilling of newly installed curb.
• Asphalt paving goal is 11/15.

Completion Dates:
• Substantial completion date: 11/17. Road paved and usable.
• Final completion date: 11/28. All construction tasks are complete including seeding and cleanup. A final walkthrough inspection will then be conducted by the city, a few corrections or repairs may be identified that the contractor will need to address.

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